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I’m Mel, owner of Inna Snap Photography! 

Most days I can't believe I am truly doing what I love because I am currently still an educator mentoring and molding not only young minds, but also other educators as a K-2 Instructional Coach, as well as fulfilling my second passion as a FULL-TIME Professional Photographer. That's right, you read it, TWO FULL TIME CAREERS! Ever since high school, I knew so badly in my heart that I wanted to be an educator, and at times dreamt about being a CEO of a business. When I first picked up a fully manual camera that my grandfather shipped down to me from the 70s, and developed my own pictures in a black room, I knew that one day I would maybe just maybe start a little side hustle. Well... that's what I did. I attended a 4 year college to obtain my Teaching Degree and viewed photography as a little hobby I loved. 

Now, I'm building the business of my dreams with a waitlist of clients who love my creative vision and client experience. The best thing I've done to grow my business was to invest in me and my business.  Making investments and having a business coach to guide me allowed me to become the best photographer I can be and I'm ready to give it all back to those that are in need of help as well.

I'm so excited to continue to give back to the community after being asked so many times by people like you if I offer mentorship, and I'm thrilled to finally offer this opportunity after so many have asked! 

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