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2025 Spokesmodel Team

Applications are LIVE!


I’m Mel, owner of Inna Snap Photography! 

I have been photographing pretty much every milestone you can think of in someone's life including family photography, engagements, weddings, babies, you name it, I do it! I'm finding my passion for SENIORS has grown bigger than I ever thought imaginable, which is where this Senior Program came about. My goal has been to create a group of high school seniors that are willing to grow, build their confidence, open doors and opportunities for them for their future and much more. I have served as a mentor to all my previous Inna Snap Seniors as well and I hope to do the same for you!

To be part of our 2025 Inna Snap Spokesmodel Program, you must be willing to SHOW UP, be a role model throughout the school year, be part of a meet and greet session, be available for styled photo sessions when asked, promise to promote Inna Snap Photography on your social medial platforms and when walking those streets (of course), and the best part of this whole experience is that your 2-hour solo Senior Experience is also included. We truly are looking for a fun, energetic, trendy group of seniors that come from all walks of life that love being part of a community, empower one another, build a friendship, and much more!

So what are you waiting for... need I say more? 

If this sounds like something you are interested in and would like to commit to throughout your senior year, please fill out the application below now! Once your application is submitted, your application will go through a review process and the team will be announced by June. Be sure your parents are aware of your submission as we ask that the below fee is invested to fully commit to this once in a lifetime experience! Payments will be due upon acceptance. The meet and greet event will take place in July! All deets will be given once the team is announced! 

Investment Price:
$950/for the year and I promise, you won't regret the investment! 

(2 installments of $475.00)
I’m so excited for our 2025 Senior Team 

Hello Inna Snap Senior!



Spokesmodel  Love

"My experience was 10/10! Everyone was so encouraging and sweet. Mel is the best photographer ever, she never stopped hyping us up and her visions are amazing. I love being a part of this team and would definitely recommend it to any senior! The experience included an amazing hair & make-up artist, and Mel helps you every step of the way when it comes to what to wear! Every member helped me feel so comfortable, confident, & pretty."

I love being a part of this team and would definitely recommend it to any senior!

"My experience with Mel has been so fun and creative. She always has the most spontaneous ideas that come out awesome. I've felt so comfortable shooting with her, all she wants is for you to be yourself when she photographs you. She's super helpful with poses so you never have to stress. Mel loves bouncing off of you for ideas so she can get your vibes. She really cares to bring your personality and thoughts into the pictures that she captures. Don't miss out on this opportunity. I've had an amazing experience and now I HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR LIFE I can count on!" 


"Mel makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera which makes your pictures turn out incredible! The bond you make with the other girls is so comforting and you always look forward to every shoot with them. Mel will truly capture your senior year in the best way ever!" 

"Being an Inna Snap Senior has made my senior year better than I could have imagined."


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